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PHD Mechanical provides services to predominantly commercial sector clients in London and surrounding counties. Our team’s individual specialisms range from mechanical and electrical solutions to renewable energy, water treatment and hygiene, equipment installation and ongoing maintenance (PPM). Boilers, plumbing and drainage have always been our company expertise.

Our general services include but are not limited to:


Repairs and Maintenance

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PHD Mechanical will alleviate pressure by undertaking your routine repairs or maintenance needs. With specialists in plumbing, heating and gas maintenance you can rest assured that our professional team will provide expert level advice, relay all available options to you and suggest the most cost-effective and affordable solution for your specific needs. We have experience of repairing and maintaining equipment onsite at high-end residential blocks, across portfolios of homes, office buildings, hotels, energy centres and more.


Drainage, Plumbing and Sanitation

PHD Mechanical will ensure pipes, drains, toilets and other sources stay unblocked and running at optimal capacity. Whether you are a small business in need of pipework assistance or a large entity requiring a multifaceted, large-scale solution for storage tanks and pump systems; you’ll benefit from our 24 hour, 7 days of the week, 365 days of the year availability and support.


Boiler/Heating repair and Gas servicing

PHD Mechanical can maintain public, business or residential premises with gas servicing requirements and any boiler and heating repairs needed. Our team is trained to the highest level and have years of experience in commercial and domestic gas engineering. We’ll analyse your circumstances, make suggestions and help you to minimise your fuel costs wherever we can. As always, we remain available in emergencies 24/7.


Water treatment and hygiene

PHD Mechanical understands the importance of hygiene and how the quality and condition of your heating and chilled water systems can affect this. We also recognise the impact water treatment has on efficient heat transfer and the longevity of essential equipment. We’ll carry out thorough assessments, cleaning, descaling, disinfectant and treatment services to ensure you maintain a safe and optimal environment that conforms to all appropriate laws, legislation and L8ACOP codes of conduct.


Air conditioning Installation & Maintenance

PHD Mechanical will ensure your building offers a clean and temperature-controlled environment, designed to continuously keep those accessing the building comfortable and well-ventilated. We always consider energy efficiency and factor this into our recommendations, so any installation or ongoing maintenance process is sustainable, affordable and environmentally friendly.


Building Management System

PHD Mechanical will install a computer-based automated system in your building to control and monitor mechanical, electrical, and plumbing performance, efficiency and safety. A bespoke solution for your building’s needs, this will ensure you remain compliant, energy-optimised and best placed to identify any room for further operational improvements.


Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM)

PHD Mechanical will implement an ongoing programme of maintenance activity to ensure the continuous performance of equipment and systems in your building. By preventing the breakdown of equipment before it happens, we will help you save time and money, maximising the lifespan of your investments and keeping you up to date and operational at all times.


Combined Heat and Power Systems (CHP)

PHD Mechanical is experienced in cogeneration solutions and utilises strong fundamental knowledge of electrical, mechanical and thermal energy to respond to any single source requirement. Our CHP processes are mostly delivered to the industrial sector and are deployed quickly and cost-effectively, allowing you to capture potentially wasted energy and benefit from increased efficiency.


Heat Interface Units (HIU)

PHD Mechanical is well-versed in multiple dwelling and large complex environments, providing appropriate and reliable responses to successfully bridge heating and hot water systems with central boiler equipment. Energy conservation and rapid delivery remain at the forefront of our HIU solutions, as does ensuring you still gain access to appropriate ongoing maintenance.


PHD Mechanical has devised a company structure that keeps the customer in mind at all times. All solutions are flexible, adaptable and tailored towards the needs and project specifications of the individual customer. We adhere to all appropriate safety and compliance practices and remain up to date with current UK legislation and regulations.