Mechanical & Electrical

PHD Mechanical can helps both domestic and commercial clients with the expertise and advice you need for any mechanical and electrical service, providing you with the following:

  • Assessment
  • Evaluation
  • Full cost estimates
  • Planning
  • Client liaison
  • Mechanical and electrical services co-ordination
  • Installation
  • Maintenance
  • Repairs
  • Heating

Our project managers and technical engineers are some of the finest in the industry, operating efficiently and effectively and monitoring every step of the process as well as planning a schedule which works for our clients.

PHD Mechanical’s services have been commended for their quality and ease, including state of the art renovations, bespoke designs and large-scale management projects, as well as the services we offer to smaller businesses and residential homes.

One example of our work is, when the new owners of the boutique Blue Pigeons Hotel needed state of the art amenities for a major renovation - including heating and good water pressure in every room - they asked us to manage the project. PHD Mechanical provided a full cost estimate, then designed and built the system on time and on budget.