More than ever, investing in solar energy is becoming an increasingly important factor for businesses and homes. As well as minimising carbon footprint, a long-term focus on renewable energy also ensures a continuous and sustainable supply of resources.

PHD Mechanical recognises the importance of investing in a renewable future as we offer renewable energy alternatives for gas, electricity, heating, and boilers, using the following:

  • Solar thermal energy
  • Solar electricity (photovoltaics)
  • Ground source heat pumps
  • Air source heat pumps
  • Cogeneration / CHP
  • Biomass boilers

Solar Thermal Energy

One of the most basic renewable energy innovations, solar thermal operates by heating liquid in angled panels (collectors) and pumping it back to the hot water cylinder which is regulated by a thermostat. It is one of the most efficient energy solutions, capable of providing up to 60% of your home’s heating, and is a fairly low cost install.

Solar Electricity (Photovoltaics)

Using cells in panels angled to receive the optimal rays, solar electricity is generated via the suns energy and is effective during all kinds of weather (due to light diffusion), saves money, and also returns it based on Feed in Tariff (FiT) rates.

Ground Source Heat Pumps

Using pipes to extract heat from the ground, ground source heating is an effective way to draw the earth’s energy and heat radiators, floors, warm air heating and hot water, and works throughout the year.

Air Source Heat Pumps

Outside air is absorbed and the transmitted heat can be used for radiators, floors, warm air convectors and hot water.


Cogeneration/Combined Heat & Power (CHP) works by using renewable fuels to supply local energy, and is an effective alternative used for businesses as well as homes.

Biomass Boilers

Using wood pellets, chips, or logs to heat a single room or power central heating and hot water boilers, this method of renewable energy is also popular for individual homes.

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